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Best Baccarat Poker Gambling Cheating Device

China China XF Poker Cheat Co ., Ltd. certification
China China XF Poker Cheat Co ., Ltd. certification
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I have a long term business with XF poker ,because of the perfect marked cards .

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I am happy to get the lucky number I wish with remote control dices

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Best Baccarat Poker Gambling Cheating Device
Latest company news about Best Baccarat Poker Gambling Cheating Device

Baccarat game use 8 decks of cards each time,casino will shuffle these 8 decks of playing cards before the game and player have one time chance to cut cards.Dealer will put these 8 decks of cards inside of poker shoe.


Nowdays, casino have many ways of anti cheating in playing poker games.They will prefer to use transparent shoe and change dealer more often.No have any dealer can operate all the time in same game.If we want to cheat in casino baccarat poker games, the only way is to change the casino playing cards.Normal casino will use custom design playing cards,players can not buy same cards in market.We design secret invisible marking bar codes for each card,player can read each card one by one and caculate the result for each ground.


Old camera can read 30 cards one time maximum.According research of China XF poker cheat,we design a new HD high speed automatic senser camera to catch the invisible playing cards.One time can take picture of 8 decks of casino pokers.Player can take a picture via mobile and send to partner in another room via internet.Smart partner will read the cards and tell result to player in the game.It is the best gamble cheating device for baccarat poker games in the world.

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